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I would like to remind everyone of some things:

1. Aww Leslie said April looks great.
2. Leslie said April is beautiful
3. Also, they held hands once.
4. April said that Leslie is awesome.
5. April said she loves Leslie.
6. April wrote a thing saying how amazing Leslie is.
7. Leslie hugged April and was like “Good girl, good girl, good probably”

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I would like to remind everyone of some things:
1. Ann called Leslie “sexy”.
2. Leslie said Ann is the most beautiful woman in the world
3. Leslie said she loves Ann many times.
4. Leslie made a pinky promise right after she met Ann
5. Leslie and Ann hugged even before they officially became friends
6. People thought they were a couple multiple times

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Me when I see a waffle pn Tumblr: Omg. Omg. Leslie would love this pic. Hold on a sec guys I want to show this to my dad because he watches Parks and Recreation too. Dad, come here. There’s a waffle.

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Leslie was like “Thats good, April” and my friend was like “sounds like they are having sex”

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  • Main character in every yuri anime: But we're both girls!

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why was cinderella a virgin

because she always ran away from the balls

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Lol :)

Lol :)

There should be a Disney princess that falls in love with another girl tbh

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i want a friend with benefits (dental and medical insurance, 401k retirement plan, etc.)

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I want to have some non-binary merpeople in my H2O fanfiction but idk what color their tails should be. Also what do you call non-binary merpeople??? Mermaids are female, mermen are male what do u call the non-binary merpeople

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what is this from